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THCRABBLE: Mike Tython Edithion

Impotent Products

It's the classic family word game you know and love with a surprise left hook, as there are no "S" tiles to be found. Enjoy spelling your favorite words without the difficult-to-pronounce no-no letter, replacing it with good ol' "TH"; mother nature's "S".

Be on the lookout for our upcoming "Scrabble: Stating Unfounded Facts Edition" where players are encouraged to spell out facts they KNOW to be true, even though they have never read it in a science journal nor have they Googled it. Opposing players can challenge the "fact" and, if the "fact" is indeed a crock of shit, make the player who spelled the false fact LITERALLY eat their own words. It's in the rule book. No, the tiles are not edible.

THCRABBLE is sold wherever Mike Tyson is currently kicking the stuffing out of my prized stuffed animals.

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