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Taken Back Sunday

Updated: Apr 4

Flaccid Jazz

Adam Lazzara poses on the original Taken movie poster
I will break you down so bady, I will kill you.

Presenting: the crossover you didn't want straight to DVD. Adam Lazzara and Liam Neeson team up to take back the role of Bryan Mills from Clive Standen and NBC. Along the way the two form a bond as Neeson throat punches his way to greatness while Lazzara bashes skulls with his microphone nunchaku. All is not what it seems, though, as emo band after emo band goes missing with no explanation. Lazzara claims that his band does not, and never did, fit into the emo genre, but when his own band mates go missing, he begins to play a different tune.

Look for Taken Back Sunday in your local Walmart discount bin today!

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