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Nation's 6th Graders Announce Plan to Mispronounce "Annals"

The Impotent Satyr

Young boy with glasses, wearing a sweater, holds a dictionary. Fake plants are off to the left.
"What's your sex?" Stifled giggles. "What sex are you?" More stifled giggles. "I go to pubic school."

"We're also taking advantage of "ass", like, referring to a donkey," said a smiling 12-year-old Erik Tiledic, a student at Sandy Cheeks Elementary. "Annals-"

He stopped here momentarily to giggle.

"Annals is just one word we found when looking through the DICK-tionary."

It was then that Erik's friend, Bryce "Cartwheels" O'Houlihan, chewing on a G.I. Joe leg resting in his mouth, came up to Erik and gave him a high-five. Bryce then let burp a "BUTT MONTana."

They both laughed.

"Like Butte but butt," Erik explained. "And during a spelling bee, we're going to be testing out an idea Ricky had to loudly yell "PEEPEE" when spelling "Mississippi."

By math class' end, Ricky had wowed his classmates by spelling BOOBIES upside-down on a calculator.

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