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Hive-Burst | Bee-Infused Candy

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Thought you could sting me and get away with it, did you? You thought you could hide inside my shoe and ambush my foot with that goddamn pointy butt rapier? Well fuck you, Jerry Seinfeld. I made a candy out of your body parts, and they're effing delicious.

I'm eating them right now. Mmmmm ohhh mmmmmmm your people are so tasty, so delicious. Oh? What's that? You say that bees' pollination is essential for the survival of Earth? You and your friends are saving the world without thanks and appreciation? Wow, I wasn't aware that BEES FIXED THE FLINT, MICHIGAN WATER CRISIS. Oh, wait, they didn't! Piss off, Jerry.

Purchase Hive-Burst in the section of the weed store where the budtender has placed on the fridge their crayon drawing of 19th U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes.

Based on Hi-Burst candies by Northwest Cannabis Solutions

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