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Ernie has done it yet again. Another five-hours-long bath has used up all the hot water. And that water has splashed all over the bathroom floor, underneath the door, and has soaked into the hallway carpet. Bert shakes his head, walks to the garage, and lights up a marijuana joint.

Can you relate? Does your spouse or loved one act in a manner similar to this?

If you said yes, you are entitled to good feelings, and those good feelings come in the form of yellow sesame-pineapple-flavored squares that are going to take all that bullshit in your life and push them to a far corner of your brain that you will be unable to access for the next three to five hours.

This post is sponsored by the letters "T" "H" & "C".

Purchase High-Bert in the section of the weed store where the budtender is counting the shop inventory aloud with a thick, heavy Transylvanian accent.

Based on Hi-Burst candies by Northwest Cannabis Solutions

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