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*Slaps roof of outdated meme* These bad boys can fit so many animal scraps in them. Impotent Products' High-Wurst are gummy dummy thicc frankfurters that will fill your entire mouth with smokey, Capri Sun-like flavor. Our wurst are manufactured by Germany's finest wiener-handlers who maintain a firm grasp on the old-world recipe created by our Bavarian frankfathers way back in 1817.

What has changed since those days? Absolutely NOTHING! To this day each High-Wurst is encased in a sheep, goat, and/or Florida-Man intestine, as per tradition.

Look out for our other flavors:

Girthy Grape Kielbasa

Blood Orange Blood Sausage

Tropical Wiener Punch

Berries 'n Cream 'n Liver

Find High-Wurst in the section of the weed store where the budtender has gotten so high that they've encased themselves in an intestinal sleeping bag and aren't responding to customers' yells and prods at their comatose-like body.

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