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Trump shocked to realize DACA has nothing to do with Defense Against the darC Arts

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Donald Trumps stands behind Harry Potter, physically, not supportively."
"I sure hope no one photoshops me with little regard for decent artistic sense," thought Harry.

In a 2017 press interview the president stated his hard stance on DACA, "We have to shut down this terrible, terrible Hogwarts class. Who's hiring these teachers? The first guy had Voldemort on his head. One guy was a werewolf! I mean come on! We need to fire the entire school board! Get 'em outta here!" Earlier this week a cabinet member managed to get a word in when she caught Trump with his mouth full of ham on the bone. Once the correct information reached his brain his eyes grew wide, but his stance on the subject was firmer than ever. "The dreamers need my attention right now," he tweeted, "but I've got my eye on that Dumbledore kook. I too have a Nuclear Spell, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his.”

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