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Trash Pick-Up: Ensign Rd, Olympia

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Community Service

Comfortably-full trash bag at my feet.
I just realized this is a close-up of my crotch; I'm truly sorry about that.

Trash was mounting in my neighborhood, pouring over from the bushes into the streets--maddening chaos. "Enough is enough!" I said. I worked from where Ensign meets Lilly Road and went down the street to the Chehalis Western Trail. A guy walking his dog told me about how police arrested a guy on the trail the previous day. The guy said that he pointed the cops to where this fugitive was hiding--where he saw the guy run into the woods.

The most interesting item had to be this paper clip wrapped in electrical tape I found a few meters into the woods, hidden badly under a log. Is it a DIY tattoo gun? Is it for use with drugs? I don't know these things, but it looked funky.

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