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Trash Pick-Up: Ensign Road, Olympia: For the Fourth Time(?)

Community Service

It's always so hard to see trash in these pictures, as they're super white, but alas. So I got home from Montana and I see trash EVERYWHERE. And I had just picked up this same street less than two weeks prior. So I did my thang, and excommunicated the litter.

An entire broken bottle right in the street. There were many large, pointy chunks, awaiting a tasty tire to roll its way over and say 'Hello.'

There's probably trash in this picture above, but I can't see a damn thing now.

I brought with me just a small, plastic shopping bag, as the 8-gallon bag was too fit for the job. I hadn't realized until just before this picture that I was bleeding from my index finger where a piece of glass had pricked it through the dainty latex glove.

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