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Trash Pick-up | Chehalis Western Trail, Olympia

Community Service

As I tossed the trash bag into my apartment complex's dumpster, I realized I, once again, neglected to take any kind of photo documentation. I filled my usual 8(?) gallon bag, but I picked up litter farther south than I usually do. Yesterday I'd walked through the area, and it was littered with all kinds of mail, pizza boxes, a Twix box and wrappers--it was quite unorderly. To my surprise, some of the bigger pieces of trash were gone. Two standout items had to be: a mostly full container of coolant that I found then left by the trail to pick up on my way back; and an unopened Twix candy bar. When I picked up the bar, it felt like it was full of water, but it was directly in the sun, so I surmised that it was liquid chocolate. It was weird, and it made me smile.

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