Redditor Moving to Olympia Receives Unanimously Agreed Upon, Unbiased Answers From r/Olympia

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

The Impotent Satyr

u/TomBombadilWeed typed up some honest questions and concerns into the Olympia subreddit, hoping to learn about the area before moving here from California.

"Know that I speak for not only this subreddit but for all of Olympia when I say that houseless people are not a problem," typed u/NotTheCatKiller of r/Olympia.

"I tend to agree, and not just because I am a small but integral piece of this hive mind," u/PugetSoundEffigy commented underneath.

"Everyone is thinking it (because we are an autonomous collective approaching singularity) so I am going to say it," u/CactusLibido began in a new comment. "When you compare Olympia to worse cities, ours looks much better."

"I think [sic] the only people who are afraid to walk downtown are the people who haven't even seen downtown, in-person, in years. If they had, their opinions would be exactly like ours or it would be downvoted into irrelevance," said u/WitchesOn5th. "Don't get this subreddit wrong, though. We like our diversity here in Oly just as long as you keep it to yourself, bootlicker."

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