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Kick the office paper shredder and shuck open a box of Kakauabunga!

Now, smell the air. You recognize that scent, yes; it's pizza; Gary in accounting is retiring, and his coworkers pitched in to purchase a celebratory dairy disc that will clog Gary's arteries. THAT SHOULD TEACH HIM NOT TO LEAVE HIS POST AND "SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY."

Well, the office didn't count on you eating some chocolates that would give you some radical munchies. You stealthily ninja roll over to accounting and locate the grease frisbee. With every wedge of heart-stopping cheesy bread you sneakily consume, Gary and his beating heart are granted an extra month of life.

You can feel good about yourself in that regard—just don't think about your own cardiovascular system. Or you can feign ignorance and pretend that the consumed pizza grease will simply lube your arteries and increase blood flow, because that's how science works, right?

Purchase Kakauabunga in the section of the weed store where the budtender has recreated the entire store layout, including coworkers and customers, using only chicken tenders held together by reclaim.

Original Product produced by Northwest Cannabis Solutions

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