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Trash Pick-Up, James Stewart Memorial Park, Aberdeen

Community Service

This was the second time I cleaned up this park.

These are some before images--they never convey the actual amount of trash, however, as most is hidden among the foliage.

The trash can was empty before I started chucking stuff in. I found the beer case, which had a little trash in it, and began filling it with the refuse I found, as the only bag I had was an old, ripped plastic Safeway bag I've had in my car for ages. This was my last disposable glove, as well, so I had only one hand with which to work. There was still lots more to pick up, but I was out of bags and gloves :(

These are some "after" pictures. The parking lot still had lots of degrading paper stuck to it, so the area still looks littered, but it's not nearly as bad. Not pictured: The playground--there were a few items to be picked up around it.

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