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()hole Milk

Impotent Products

We here at Impotent Products understand that the world is a scary place. Sometimes you look at a carton of milk and think, "How do I know that there's actually milk inside that carton? Heck, it could be any number of liquids, bodily or otherwise."

What an understandable approach from a cautious consumer. At Impotent Products we put the name of our white liquid on the outside of the bottle—like all the other companies, yes. But by golly we want to assure you that milk is actually in our containers, sitting on store shelves.


()hole Milk

()hole Milk contains all the same ingredients and nutrition as your standard whole milk. The only difference is that you can visibly and physically verify our non-mystery liquid via the revolutionary hole in the side of the bottle. Oh, and I guess another difference from the competition is that our container is probably very likely going to spill forth large amounts of milk before, during, and after your purchase. It is recommended to drink quickly.

()hole Milk is sold with a bluish tint wherever sand planet cantinas are bumping.

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