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Blur Raspberry Marmas

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Impotent Products

What does Blur Raspberry taste like, you ask?

Do you remember the time when you looked down upon your dog, saw her face buried deep in her food bowl, and asked her, "Hey, girl, whatcha eatin'?" And then Lil Debby (your dog) stopped eating, tilted her head up at you and responded, "I do not know, Robert. Yet the fact that I am able to know, at all, is absurd. Why has God bestowed unto me, and no one else, this task which I must undertake? It will destroy me and everyone I love if I do not succeed. Now, open the door — I must shit on the grass!"

And then the memory gets kind of foggy after that. But, like, you are just-shy-of eighty percent sure that Lil Debby didn't just talk; that never happened. Well, except for the pooping part. That probably happened.

Sold in the section of the section of the weed store where no matter how hard you squint, your eyes can never really make out the prices on the stuff behind the counter.

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