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Trash Pick-Up--Chehalis Western Trail, Olympia

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Community Service

I didn't take any pictures, as if that's not apparent. I filled up a bag fairly quick, although there was a fair amount of walking around until I got to the area with a large supply of trash. I found mostly glass alcohol bottles (partying spot for kids?), and beer/soda/energy drink cans and plastic bottles.

Weird items I found would be this (now Googling what it's called) Razor Ripstick fully intact under some vines and bushes. I pulled it up and left it there; I don't really want one--I like my longboard.

And, get this, a Nora Jones' Feels Like Home CD, the follow-up to her Come Away With Me debut. Now I want to chill and listen to Norah Jones; I have both of her first two albums.

I got a bit sweaty in my neon green Seahawks sweatshirt (ironic or just honest). Also I stepped in Dog Poop at some point. The trail is frequently walked by locals and their dogs--it's everywhere. I have a new appreciation for humans that bag the poop up in visible green compostable bags.

And guy my age came by and thanked me for my service. I chuckled. Then he clarified "community" service and trailed off. I was stiff with him at first because he wanted to put some of his trash in my bag. I was hot and tree limbs were poking my face, and I paused for a sec when he asked and then passive-aggresively said, "I suppose so" in an annoyed manner. I wish I hadn't. He then clarified that he picked it up down the trail, inspired by my actions or feeling guilty, but I've digressed. I thanked him this time, kicked myself for acting the part of a jackass higher than thou you owe me because I'm doing this also talk to me but also don't talk to me because I may try to make you feel guilty for not picking up the trash your damn self.

I picked up 30 or so cigarette butts around this bench that the City Parks Department just installed; that area looks super great--I'm so appreciative. It already has shitty permanent marker graffiti on it, though. Like, at least draw something artistic you stupid, emotional, angsty teen.

Captaaaaiiiin Planet!

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