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Stalemate Begins as Neither Co-op Cashier nor Shopper Bags Items

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The Impotent Satyr

Purchases lay bagless | The Impotent Satyr

Co-op customer Marilyn Brasco finished up her shopping Wednesday and headed for the check-out stand where she then placed her hand basket full of goods onto the conveyor belt. Tamika Conway, one of many volunteer co-op cashiers, asked Marilyn if she found everything alright, which she did. Tamika then turned the basket on its side and began scanning Marilyn's now-slightly-easier-to-grab purchases. Today Marilyn brought her own bag--a decent-sized tote she got from a Whole Foods--which she had laid on top of her items. It was the first thing Tamika grabbed; she moved it to the opposite side of the of the counter where it sat idle as rung-up items filled the space around it. Neither Tamika nor Marilyn attempted to fill the tote with the items, instead the two just half-smiled at each other even after all items had been scanned.

Tamika was a volunteer and, as such, didn't feel it was her responsibility to scan barcodes, make one attempt at small talk, and bag groceries.

Marilyn was a paying customer; sure--her money didn't go to Tamika--but part of that payment was so that she didn't have to bag her own purchases.

As a line began to build behind her, Marilyn gave in, unfolded her tote, and haphazardly placed a watermelon and a pint of guava acai juice on top of her cage-free eggs and organic haas avocados before silently storming out. The ordeal made her really consider removing the "Shop Local; Shop Co-op" bumper sticker from her 2004 Subaru Outback, but she decided against it and would, instead, take her frustration out on her unappreciative family by cooking them a spice-less gluten-free spaghetti dinner tonight.

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