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Trump Skips WWI Cemetery Visit Due to Bone Spurs That Conveniently Haven't Hurt Since 1968

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Impotent Satyr

Emannuel Macron looks on as Trump holds a doctor's note waiving him from dodgeball

President Trump flew to France over the weekend to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron and other world leaders to honor the lives lost to bring the first world War to a close 100 years ago. When duty called, however, Trump presented a note from his doctor and said that his bone spurs were acting up.

President Macron, who speaks and reads English with excellence, noticed that the doctor's note not only had Melania Trump's name written as the patient, but it was also from her Gynecologist.

Trump departed the gathering and let one rip on Theresa May on the way out. Tears welled in May's eyes, but like the Brits of The Great War's past, she held her ground.

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