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Holocaust Memorial Lacks Survivor Volunteers; One Little Girl May Have the Solution

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Impotent Satyr

Since its inception, the holocaust memorial has been run by holocaust survivors, but, today, there's one problem--there are less and less survivors still alive. Taking this problem to heart, nine-year-old Becca Thomas went home and told her parents her unique idea to tackle this dilemma:

Start a new holocaust for people to survive. 

You've got to admire her heart. She requested a meeting with her town mayor and city council to pick a demographic to commit mass genocide upon. Becca couldn't decide who she wanted to pick from out of any of the available minorities here in 21st century America, or if she should go with a classic and pick on the Jews.

Little Becca was booed out of the room upon presenting this idea to her classmates during art period. When asked about the situation, Principal Eisenhower had no comment. 

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