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President Trump Brings Eric's Childhood Pokémon Cards to World Economic Forum

Updated: Mar 24

Impotent Satyr

Donald Trump holds up a Pikachu Pokemon card.
"My face looks like this little guy's entire body. Lucky him."

The US President traveled to Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday, Jan 24th before his scheduled speech Friday. He brought with him his son's Pokémon cards and hopes to "get a good trade for the American people." As the envoy departed the plane, only two members were still aboard; Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. Trump could be heard shouting at Ross for bending his holofoil Charizard after Ross had begged to "just look at it." The president then proceeded to shove Ross's nose into his warm seat to teach him a lesson.  Afterwards, Trump gave a wave to the onlooking crowd and shrugged his shoulders with an explanation of, "When you rescue rather than buy from a mill, you get what you pay for," in reference to Ross' actions. He then presented little Eric Trump's folder of Pokémon cards and excitedly hurried into his waiting limousine where Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was preparing lime mojitos.

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