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Quick Stare: The Evergreen State College, CAB North East Stairwell

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Stairwell Aficionado

The Evergreen State College stairwell next to the Greenery and The Flaming Eggplant

One time, before I realized my calling as a stairwell aficionado, I tripped and fell while attempting to walk up the first couple stairs at this spot. I immediately got to my feet and looked behind me--The Greenery was empty and no one saw my face-plant. Then I happily made my way to The Flaming Eggplant and nommed some rice and beans.

Hmm... that's not quite an exciting story-IJUSTREMEMBERED that a bat-wielding student protector of others pointed at me and turned me into a fish and sold me to The Flaming Eggplant. A worker removed my spine while I was still alive and then chopped me into mush and fried my patty ass on a grill and was eaten by whoever was taking those dumps in the (dorms?) elevators. Then I awoke from the acid trip and Donald Trump was president.

This stairwell gets 4 inadvertent tongueings out of 5.

#TESC #EvergreenStateCollege

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