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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Impotent M.D.

Are you stuck waiting for Bernie Sanders' Medicare-for-All to go to the doctor and get your lady parts checked out? At certain points in your life, do you find yourself thirsty? Why not knock out two Larry Birds with one Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Shut up and drink a SoBe-GYN packed with added vitamins and the power of 100 lizards!

You'll feel the tropical breeze blowing up your hoo-ha upon the first sip of "Liz Blizz." That's a good thing, right?

"14 Karat Elixir" gives your downstairs that chilly "just smuggled gold in my vagina" feeling. We've all been there.

Treat yourself to a "South Beach Sunset," which is not a euphemism for a massage parlor happy ending. Or is it?

Got morning sickness? Take a sip or five of "Morning Patrol." It's like having an entire police squad up in your business, poking their way through your private quarters without a warrant.

When was the last time your urophilia clients called your golden shower a "Tsunami"? Our SoBe-GYN of the same name is sure to clear any blockages and ensure smooth flow of bodily sewage onto others.

Be sure to look out for our upcoming flavor, "Offshore Breeze," that guarantees those within a 16 meter radius will smell what your Rock is cooking.

Sold wherever boobs are honked like clown noses.

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