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Quick Stare: The Evergreen State College, LAB II

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Stairwell Aficionado

LAB 2 stairwell. Vertical photograph
Someone watched me as I took these glamour photos. Prolonged eye-contact was held as I rimmed my belly button (with my pinky finger, as a gentleman should).

It was at the top of these stairs, just before the gate to the 4th floor, that the realization that, no matter how many stairwells I've reviewed (and in some cases licked), my body is unable to pass through these on-campus top floor gates. I thought me and the stairwells were cool; I thought the stairwells were going to let me use Their Word which had historically been used against them, but, in recent years, they'd taken over use of to empower themselves. Aw, heck, I'm gonna use it anyway.

This zigzagonal gets 3 rag doll physics gate full-body-humps out of 5.

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