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Old School Runescape, Wizard's Tower

Gamer's Stairwell Aficionado

The Wizard's Tower has everything an aspiring level 3 adventurer needs to become a level 100 boss. Look at these level 9 nerds reading their books. Who's the son-of-a-Port Sarim whore dropping logs on the floor right next to my Saradomin dammed stairwell?!

2nd floor; more nerds; only three beds. Looks like Wizard stands for Wives In Zealous Advanced Relationships Doing it.

Floor 3; case-and-point. You got yourself a BDSM Demon-in-a-cage scenario getting double teamed by two nerds with long, hard shafts. Sheeit, these nerds are getting more action than me. But you'll see; the bronze pickaxe/wooden shield look will catch on, and I'll be swimming in throbbing, crimson demon dick of my own.

Oh, right, the stairwell. This stairwell gets 4 colored beads all up inside an imp out of 5.

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