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Impotent Products

Are you tired of cannabis edibles that dull life's insurmountable pain and let you function normally in society? Introducing...


HARMAS are the only razorblade-infused gummy candy on the market. Sure, other gummy candy can turn your tongue red with horrific artificial colors. Yuck! HARMAS will turn your tongue blood-red without any chemical additive.

Do you fancy yourself as someone with sharp taste buds? Well they're about to get even sharper*


Razorblades are 100% American steel. Support your country, and add a little bit (a lot) of excitement (pain) to your diet (mouth).

Keep a lookout for Impotent Products' new Sharp Cheddar Razorblade-Infused Cheese Cubes cutting their way to store shelves by 2021!

HARMAS are sold in the section of the weed store where the budtender is indiscreetly eating a lukewarm pizza pocket when they think no one is looking.

Original yummy candy from Northwest Cannabis Solutions

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