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A Quick Stare: East Bay Drive, Olympia

Stairwell Aficionado

This staircase presented me with a mystery.

It looked like this in 2011 and has since gotten an upgrade.

As you can see, the stairs lead nowhere. However...

...I had to bribe the Oly Projects twitter account with a promise to open all of their sealed pickle jars, but they gave me the answers I sought: The stairs are used by city workers to access storm water structures.

That's code for "Feeding Godzilla who dwells underneath our fair city and waits to defend it against the gun-toting onion ring-tossing clowns (not a dig; actual big shoe red-nosed jokers) from Walla Walla, the Eastern Washington city still hell-bent on claiming the capital for itself."

These stairs get 3 morally ambiguous giant lizards subsisting on nothing but pancakes and grease from King Solomon's Reef out of 5.

Photo courtesy of Walla Walla's Capital Reclamation Project.

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