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Weeb Cuisine

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Impotent Products

Weeaboo frozen dinner that contains instant noodles, pocky, a picture of you and dad hugging, and the box folds into cat ears

Are you ever at an anime convention, dressed as a side character from a super obscure anime, and lack sustenance? Well, kiss your stomach rumblies goodbye and awkwardly say "OwO" to Weeb Cuisine! Just a few seconds in the microwave will do--a true weeb knows that uncooked/luke warm food still classifies as technically a meal!

Before you begin eating, slide pics of yours and your dad's face under the included Polaroid to receive the "Father's Blessing" passive effect. Once finished, turn that box into a pair of cat ears and meow your way into a deep conversation about harem anime. Soon you won't need that Polaroid at all--Dad'll come around to accept your fursona. Just give him time.

Sold wherever animu waifus are hover-handed.


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