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"Help! I'm constantly NOT in a state of fear! I have NO anxiety! Impending doom REFUSES to bare its nightmarish destruction upon me and my stress-free psyche!"

Do you ever find yourself shouting this very message into the face of your local Walgreens cashier? Gosh, I'd bet you wish you could feel even an iota of what that red-vested minimum wage slave is going through as your spit spatters their frightened face. Their trembling hands feeling underneath the counter for the silent alarm button. As their sweaty sausage fingers struggle to locate the crimson cop-caller, their mental fortitude quickly begins to falter before your jealous eyes.

Why do they get to live through all this trauma? This nightmare scenario should be yours in which to writhe!

Now it can be with Boo Raspberry Marmas: the only candy endorsed by proponents of nuclear fallout. These bad boys will give you Nightmares, Daymares (Daymares are not horses that rise with the sun), Crippling Anxiety, Stress from thoughts of a time-traveler traveling back to the day you were conceived and seducing your mother to erase you from existence, and lastly a pretty decent THC-driven body high.

Look for Boo Raspberry Marmas in the section of the weed store where the budtender has been screaming and crying blood since the start of their shift while still maintaining excellent customer service.

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