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AirBud vs MVP

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When the local hockey team wins the championship, and the local basketball team wins their tournament, a joint celebration is called. The ensuing festival showing off the winners gets sponsored by none other than the local Office of Experimental Pharmaceuticals and Children's Soft Drinks. But after a mishap with some experimental pharmaceuticals and children's soft drinks, a highly dangerous chemical finds its way into the parched mouths of the local sports teams.

This mysterious chemical (a bubbling, smoking green liquid) is squirted into the golden trophy cups being hoisted by the hockey team and basketball team. The players each take turns drinking from the trophy cups. While the human players are unaffected by the bright neon drink, AirBud and MVP (Most Valuable Primate) begin to feel a change within almost immediately.

The animals' bodies begin to grow. A little. They grow, like, almost a foot bigger. It's super intense.

Locking eyes, MVP and AirBud lunge at each others' throats. Their muscle-tensed bodies meet in the air, slamming into one another and making a pretty loud sound. AirBud races for a basketball, finding one and using his snout to launch it with extremely mild ferocity. MVP barely has enough time to bat the rubber ball away with a hockey stick. That was a close one.

With lightning fast reflexes, MVP reaches a slender-but-lethal hand downward and scratches his exposed simian butt cheeks. Uh-oh! Now AirBud is in real trouble. MVP retracts his hand from his anus and swings it at a small child whose face MVP swiftly rips off. Remembering that they, too, have faces, the townspeople begin screaming and running amok. That's when things take a turn for the spicy.

Can AirBud use his superior speed to take that tasty-looking ripped face from the clutches of this new foe? This is MVP's toughest match yet. And with no ice rink around, things won't be cooling off any time soon. At the end of the day, who will be holding onto that child's ripped face in victory? MVP? AirBud? Find out when AirBud vs MVP comes to VHS.

Purchase or rent AirBud vs MVP wherever there is a fee for any rented DVDs not rewound when returned.

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