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Lost and Confused Eric Trump Starts Fire in Trump Tower

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Eric Trump smiles innocently enough as a fire rages on behind him.
"Is it hot in here, or is it just my over-active sweat glands?"

NYFD were called early Monday, January 8th, to extinguish flames from the roof of Trump Tower. Smoke fumed upwards above the famous building for almost an hour before fire fighters subdued the mighty blaze set by the third child of Donald, Eric Trump. Earlier that morning Eric was busy watching his favorite episode of Nickelodeon's Rocket Power on VHS when he became confused with his surroundings and didn't know where he was. He ran around the entire 29th floor calling out for help to no reply. Managing to find his way back to his play pen, Eric reached deep into his toy box and grabbed out Hungry Hungry Hippos. His sock-laden feet slid across the floor as he ran into the kitchen, hoisting the box up onto the oven and turning on all the burners. The game hadn't been playable for the last 3 years seeing as Eric had swallowed all the white, plastic marbles. The fasting hippos and cardboard immediately went up in flames with firey tendrils scorching Eric's hanging custom-made "Make eric Great Again" hat. Secret service saw the smoke pouring out of the window and called the Fire Dept. As the ordeal came to a close Eric emerged unscathed. The same fate, however, was not true of his Reptar snap bracelet.

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