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Trash Pick-Up -- Ensign Rd, Olympia

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Community Service

I'm holding a small orange ULTA bag full of trash.

My girlfriend and I went out for a Harry Potter Wizards Unite walk, and I brought along a plastic bag to pick up some trash. The street I had so diligently cleaned a couple of weeks ago had fresh trash strewn about one side of the road. I was understandably frustrated at this, and, as usual, no other resident on this multi-apartment complex street was doing anything to make our mutual community a nicer place to live. So I picked up trash with my right hand and played HPWU with my left. The bag was fairly small, but I packed it full. CAPTAIIIIIN PLANEEEET!

I suppose I shouldn't say NO ONE is picking up trash, as I expected to pick up some cigarette cartons I'd seen lying about, but they were gone. Thank you, mystery citizen.

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