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Boba Fettuccini's Sarlacc Pit Linguine

Impotent Products

Uncooked noodle also doubles as a "lightsaber" with enough imagination.

Straight from the Sarlacc's mouth, you've heard it correct. Boba Fettuccini's is the best pasta on this side of Yavin 4!

The only noodle that tastes you as you taste it!

Enriched with vitamins and minerals to disintegrate your hunger in no time! Any feeling of being digested from the inside-out is perfectly normal!

It's the only noodle endorsed by Senator Palpatine to feed a clone army.

Goes great with Bantha balls and marinara!

You don't have to be a Mandalorian to hunt down food this delicious. Execute order 66 today, and snag yourself a box of Boba Fettuccini's Sarlacc Pit Linguine!

Sold wherever is a widely used service.

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