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Marlin & Me

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Impotent Products

DVD case. Wowen Wilson. Jennifer Afghaniston. Picture of Steve Buscemi with Owen Wilson's hair. Picture of Jennifer Aniston inside the country of Afghanistan. Big ol' Marlin below them. "I'm hooked," says Watching Fish Slowly Suffocate Magazine.
"I regret making this."

Newlyweds John and Jenny Grogan leave behind snowy Michigan and move to the Atlantic Ocean, where they buy their first home and find jobs at competing Gamestops. Soon afterward, the Grogans adopt Marlin, an adorable 1800 pound Atlantic blue marlin. But Marlin soon grows up to be a mischievous handful. Still, even while he's destroying the used XBox games display and impaling potential customers, he always manages to bring out the best in John, Jenny and the crew of hungry Japanese whalers pursuing them to the ends of the Earth.

Sold wherever Owen Wilson's "Wow" is no longer a commodity and is rationed in post-apocalyptic war-torn America.

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