High School Duploma

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"We're going to build a wall!" "Okay, Donny, it's time to put the blocks away. God, if you weren't my son, we'd probably be dating."

Are you tired of only being able to fit one brick at-a-time into your ever-salivating mouth?

Do you long to dig your hands into a bucket of bricks and listen to the ear-piercing, plastic screams as they crash into each other in an attempt to escape your grasp?

Can you accept people with a different skin color than your own? Particularly yellow? Possibly jaundiced?

Once you've pressed two flat pieces together, are you prepared for never being able to unlock them again?

If you nodded your head along to these questions (and not off to sleep), you may be ready to graduate Playskool and claim your Duploma.

Now, get your diaper changed, walk barefoot down the aisle of strewn bricks, and use those sticky fingers to grab yourself a Duploma today!

Sold wherever "Kra gl e" is the only thing keeping your parents' marriage together.

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