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Coo-ers Draft Beer (1.2% ABV)

Impotent Products

When was the last time you enjoyed a beer and then ate some straight-up trash? It's been a while, right? Well now you can relive those old college days of sitting alone in the dorm lobby, eating cold Pop Tarts and drinking domestic lagers mixed with tears while your roommate smashes Becky from Psyche 101...with Coo-ers!

Experience the buzz of the world happening around you, without you, because Coo-ers sure as hell won't make you feel anything except feeling like a sack of shit.

Coo-ers provides all the empty calories your body image doesn't need without the added benefit of drunkenness so you can drink these cans of backwash all night long and still DD for your friends wasted on IPAs. But when morning arrives, you'll ALL feel like garbage.

Set your expectations to null and coo-rack open a Coo-ers!

  • Please kill yourself responsibly.

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