Barbied Wire Fence

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Impotent Products

The latest innovation in border fence that attacks the mental psyche is here! Impotent Products' 'Barbied Wire Fence' sends foreigners entering the U.S. illegally a clear message of what our country does to outsiders: We make you make us--plastic versions of us, that is. In fact, Chinese factories have already adopted Impotent Products' prototype Spider-Man netting hanging below windows. This netting is a quiet, temporary reprieve from the back-breaking, endless amount of labor these factory workers are forced to endure, and safely catches their frail, tired bodies when they inevitably jump out of a 12th story window.

The Barbied Wire Fence is all-inclusive; whatever your nationality or condition, we can use you like no one ever has or will, again.

Sold wherever migrant children are kept in Pokeball-themed cages. Now eat your Rare Candy and be grateful we don't transfer you to Bill's PC for the rest of eternity.

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