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Trash Pick-Up, Sam Benn Park, Aberdeen

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Community Service

Holy crap I got a new computer and can edit this site without any lag. It is unreal. Anyway, my business partner and I came out to the Harbor for a few meetings, we got lunch at Samurai Sushi, then I dropped him off at his barber on the East side, and I drove to Sam Benn Park and began cleaning up the joint. It was a good time and my bag filled up fast.

This was the first time (because this is a small area) I took "before pictures" as well as the "after pictures." I really want to implement a "weirdest piece of litter found" segment to these (I might've mentioned that in a previous post) but once it goes in the bag, I have a hard time remembering it. Finding a needle is always discouraging (and stuff like that is probably why I don't make an "item of the day") however I would like to keep this lighthearted. Let's see... I remember finding a beer( possibly soda) can that was pretty old. The pull tab was definitely before my time.
That's all for this entry of Dan's Trash Blog.

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