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Youngest Trump Returns from Summer Camp w/ Sunburn, Red Barron Teasing Ensues

The Impotent Satyr

Barron Trump stands in front of the old Red Baron plane, getting mocked by another child.
"They said I could be anything, so I became an offensive Washington D.C. pro football team."

Fresh out of the car, Barron Trump stretched his arms high, and then winced from the crimson irritations enshrouding his exposed skin. The neighborhood kids lined up to see the 13-year-old's return from popular Siberian summer destination, Camp Labor & Sadness, where Barron was tasked with overseeing North Korean "volunteers" cut timber and themselves.

Upon seeing the boy kissed by the sun, the neighborhood children pointed and laughed, calling him names like "The Red Barron" and "Blonde Strawberry." Even three-times-held-back 15-year-old 5th grader Jimmy Coohlwip jeered a "Hey, red face" at the youngster. Barron reportedly flipped his onlookers the bird and made for the White House, dropping dollar bills in front of him before each step so as to throw some pretty deep shade on his haters.

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