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Villain Livid Over Henchmen Painting Giant Robot's Weak Spots Bright Red

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Impotent Satyr

Hero flying-kicking a big robot's head off
"I didn't even get to announce my attacks before beginning their repeatable, memorable pattern!"

Seattle, WA villain Mechinacea, a mad scientist with doctorates in Botany as well as Mechanical Engineering, became furious Monday morning as he was 15-minutes-in to terrorizing the city and its inhabitants when he pressed an ominously large button on a hand-held device, calling his robot to do battle against the hero-of-the-day who dared oppose him, only to find that his 13ft-tall mechanical menace's weakest spots had been painted a bright red, distinguishing themselves from the stronger pieces of the robot. Using her average human powers of 20/20 vision, the hero was able to aim her attacks at these sensitive structures and disable the behemoth.

Mechinacea verbally lambasted his employees, set the broken robot to self-destruct, and disappeared, leaving the minions to die. But, wouldn't you know it, upon a quick look inside the robot's frame, an easily distinguished "SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE EMERGENCY SHUT DOWN" switch was found, also painted bright red. This would be the last time Mechinacea hired henchmen from the local community college A/V Club.

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