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Inchiladas are great for party guests. One box will feed (appetize) roughly one-tenth of your party. A starvation-induced brawl over every morsel of food really gets a honky tonk stomping.

Do you ever go to the grocery store, purchase ingredients, take them home, cook them into a single dish ONLY TO REMEMBER that you were born with a baby mouth? I mean—all babies are born with baby mouths, but yours never became an adult mouth. So you can't fit your wittle mouf awound da food. Instead of just throwing it away and eating freshly delivered junk mail like you always do, perhaps it's time to talk to your proctologist about...


The food designed to be eaten in two bites or less.

Other brands claim they care about your time. But their foods still take minutes to microwave. I'm sorry — MINUTES?! Did I accidentally travel back in time to the stone age? Unga bunga; no thank ya.

At Impotent Products, we get you. Your time is valuable. Simply chuck our chicken, pork, and/or chork Inchiladas in the microwave and nuke them for 29 seconds. DING. Done and ready to eat. Two bites and you're out the door! Just see how far 40 calories can take you.

Purchase Inchiladas where not just length but girth is also considered.

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