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Impromptu Cold Weather Shelter, Aberdeen

Community Service

So my buddy talked me into volunteering last-minute at an impromptu cold weather shelter in Aberdeen--an all-night shift. I was out of my comfort zone, for sure. It was extremely boring, uncomfortable at times, but it was very humbling, obviously. Spent the last 6 hours doing some reading.

Val Metropolous (pictured above) (and my buddy Curtis Steinhauer (Grays Harbor County Housing somethingorother (I've been awake 25 hours--Idk bruh))) is tha real MVP tho. She set this up in a building that hadn't hosted folks before, she (and Curtis) bought and brought lots of food, and stayed until the wee hours of the morning. Honestly, I'd rather never do this again, but I'm sure ol' Steinhauer will come knockin' again.

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