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Glube | For Couples Trying to Conceive

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You've tried burning sage, you've done a handstand during climax, you've chanted incantations—all with no effect conceiving a child.

But have you ever tried just 'soaking' the ham rod in the flesh pit? Every drop counts!

But you know—and I know—men get bored after a while and tend to wander off post-nut.

That's where Glube cums in.

Coat the wangdangler with a hefty amount of Glube before insertion into the meat sheath. Glube should begin its effect by acting as a lubricant—a must for enjoyment during procreation.

But soon the lubricating effects will come to a stop, and so will the enjoyment. What was once lube will now be glue. If you did your foreplay at the start, now should be about the time when you can begin harvesting from the stuck organ, taking care to drain your victim(see sexual partner) of every last drop of life force.

A year down the line when you're bouncing your child on a knee and picking off ripped dick skin from your cooch, be sure to say, "Thank you, Glube."

Glube is sold wherever glue is also sold. And they're right next to each other on store shelves so good luck with that.

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