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Bred Bull Bread-Bowl-in-a-Can!

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Someone is smacking a Red Bull can on their counter top. The middle of the can busts open like a Pillsbury dough tube. "Just give it a tap. Remove the dough and shake it. Then fill your new Bred Bull Bread Bowl with Red Bull Soup (sold separately)
"My counter top hasn't seen this much action since I decided against delivery and cooked a DiGiorno's Meat Lovers pizza in the microwave. It tastes better when you leave the plastic wrap on. Wait, what did that have to do with my counter top?"

Have you ever wanted to slurp Red Bull from a Bread Bowl and not have it be a total inconvenience? Well now you can with Bred Bull Bread Bowl-in-a-Can!

Wow dinner guests with a meal the likes of which they've never seen or even considered to be "food."

Surprise your loved one with a dish from the heart. They won't have time to serve you divorce papers if they can't finish their bowl and excuse themself from the table. Also, if they do finish their Red Bull Soup, they are going to have SO MUCH MORE ENERGY to put up with your shit. What kind of shit, you ask? I don't know, like, maybe putting an energy drink in a bread bowl. Your life is a fuckin' train wreck, bro.

Consume carbonated carbohydrates without dirtying a dang 'ol dish!

Enjoy it alone or with nobody. Eat in solitude and in silence! Experience the natural sogginess of the bread's insides, and wash it down with Red Bull and some chewy bits!

So what if the only enrichment in your life is the Vitamin A we've enriched the bread with to at least try to provide some kind of nutritional substance.

Buy Bred Bull wherever Kyle is stocking grocery shelves.

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