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Diagnosis: Tetwrist

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Impotent M.D.

Bathroom wrist pains after wrangling one's joystick

Are you suffering from wrist pain after putting in time jerking your joystick while playing/reading about/thinking about the world's favorite block-shifting game, Tetris? Are your forearms weak after constantly using your unit to stack virtual blocks to an unsafe height, leaving one narrow shaft for entry by a big four-block beam, just to watch it all come down in an explosive finish?

--You may be ailing from Tetwrist--

The phenomenon occurs quite commonly among teenage boys who've just discovered bare block-on-block-busting action in the privacy of their own homes.

While completely natural, if one wishes to cease pains entirely they need not look further than Nintendo's Virtual Boy to alter their state of mind.

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