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NY Meteorologist Fired After Accidentally Using 13 Racial Slurs on Air

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Impotent Satyr

Some weather guy mispronounced something, boohoo

It was an honest [series of] mistake[s] when Rochester meteorologist Jeremy Kappell reported on-air about the nearby area, "Martin Luther King Park," calling it, "Martin Luther Coon Park." Without skipping a beat, Kappell attempted to correct himself saying, "Martin Luther b*****m p***h-m****y t***k-l***s s***o t*r-b***y p********y n****t m**t m******d g*******g J*m-C**w b****e l***a Park--excuse me--Martin Luther King Park."

After his immediate firing, Kappell would later make a video from home explaining that he was talking too fast at the time, and how that first slur and the subsequent 13 slurs immediately after were actually mispronunciations of 13 completely different, non hate-filled words, and that before the broadcast, he HADN'T been looking at the Wikipedia page detailing a complete list of ethnic slurs historically used against Africans.

"It's all a complete misunderstanding," Jeremy went on to say in his home video. "If any of you n*****s out there were offended by my words, I am super duper sorry."

It may not all be bad news for Jeremy, however, as he tweeted 2 hours ago that Paula Dean reached out to him, saying that she was starting a news organization and wanted Jeremy to be her weatherman, making it abundantly clear how welcome he would be.

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